Edward Krueger

Vol 2 215

My Grandpa Ed I knew a little better. My dad would load up all five kids in the station wagon, fill the Coleman cooler with food, hitch up the Coleman tent trailer, and head for the mountains. We lived in Phoenix, so the cool mountains of Colorado were a welcome retreat from the valley of the sun. My grandfather lived in Monte Vista, Colorado at the time, and I remember as a kid the trips we would take up there. Most often there were other relatives there too, and cousins. I remember when we were running around the house and my two cute blonde cousins met me at the corner in a head on collision. If I remember right, that incident knocked out my front tooth.

Vol 2 233

I always remember good times up there. I remember my brother getting driving lessons and running down some mailboxes. It was a accident.

Remember in the last post about rivers and how they change their course and life changes? About the time we moved to Santa Barbara, without knowing my grandfather’s intentions, he moved to Sun City, Arizona. This was discouraging to my dad; if he had known, I think we would have stayed in Phoenix. We still made trips to see my grandfather from time to time.

Years went by, many years without a visit to see him. It took a trip out to see a girl who would later become my wife for me to stop by and see him. He still had and really always had his welcoming, friendly smile. We caught up on life, looked at pictures, talked about Christ and how great He is. After all the time that had passed, he made me feel welcome all over again. When I left, a lump arose in my throat, and by the time I made it to the interstate, tears were running out the doors of my pickup truck. I was mad, mad at all the lost years of not knowing and having a relationship with extended family because my mom was uncomfortable with them. Nobody could hold a grudge like my mom. There I was, a grown man, a construction worker, driving down the highway, sobbing and crying over a relationship I did not have. Little did I know, I was soon going to be living in the area.  God had written my story, and when I listen to His leading, life is lived at it’s best. I moved back to Phoenix to start a courtship with my wife. Getting to play cards with Grandpa was a byproduct, no, maybe a reward for following God’s will for my life.

I did’t just get to know my grandpa, I got to establish relationships with my aunts, Bonnie and Peggy, whom I adore, Uncle Mike, Billy, and John. We laughed and had fun just playing cards.

My grandfather has passed, but he left a great legacy of sons, daughters, and lots of grandchildren.

Krueger's in Monte Vista




One thought on “Edward Krueger

  1. We love you, Chad! You are so brave to share your feelings with others, helping others find their way. Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
    Hugs and love, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike

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