There are times in life when we as people come to a crossroad, and sometimes it might be a fork in the road, a time in life when we have to make a decision. Some decisions are simple and easy:  vacation or stay-cation, fix a vehicle or buy a new one, and then there are the ones that are, well, a bit more complicated. I recently came to a crossroad. I had a choice to make. I could continue down the road I was on, that was safe and secure as far as I knew, or make a deviation from the direction we were going. Then, there is the most important  thing we as believers are called to do. You see, there is a God who’s intelligence is far more superior to ours, or anybody’s who has ever existed, and the best part is we can consult Him at any point in time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  I sought after God’s will in my life and for my family. I felt His leading for us to move to Colorado Springs.

We came to Colorado Springs on a vacation in April of 2014. We had a good time visiting Focus on the Family, swimming in hotel pools (We recommend Comfort Suites on Kelly Johnson Blvd. for the pool slide.), and traveling to surrounding places. Oh, and the adventure of the Cog Railway from Manitou Springs to Pikes Peak. During the majority of this vacation, I was severely ill, almost to the point of an ER visit. I believe, after a visit to the G.I. doctor, I may have had a intestinal fungal infection otherwise known as severe bloating. I know, too much information. Anyway, both my wife and I come to the conclusion that this was not the place for us. Too fast, too busy, and too big. We made our way home to continue on our existing, secure, and safe path.

The nudge was too great and continued to steadily and gently push us in this direction, but was I sure that this was really was the leading of the Holy Spirit? I had to seek the wisdom of whom I believed were Godly men. A few men at church took the time to speak with me, to listen to my thoughts and concerns. One, in particular, asked all the tough questions about debt and finances. He asked if we were in continual prayer. How e-x-a-c-t-l-y does the Mrs. feel about all of this? We weighed the options of following God’s leading or staying put. Invest the talents or bury them in the ground for safe keeping? (We know what that outcome was. Matthew 25:14-30.)

Proverbs 3 : 5 & 6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. 

I had looked through the Bible trying to find another in a likewise situation. It seemed that everybody had a reason why they were called to do something. Here I am today still trying to figure out why, trying to read the last chapter of this story, I am impatiently waiting.

My employer had requested a month notice, I gave him two and a half. Kind-of buying time in the event I was wrong and at the same time going the extra mile for my employer. God’s leading was still there, never changing. In June we put our home up for sale. August we came to Colorado Springs and with a list I made began to drive by houses looking for one suitable for our family. There ended up only being one we could look at in the few days I allotted for us to search.  It was more then we wanted to spend, It was better then we could ask for, it has a awesome park across the street for our kids and beautiful view of mountains. Close to trails both paved and unpaved and a large backyard. We felt good about it in so many ways. We prayed and signed a lease.


The undertaking to pack up the house was far more then we could have ever expected. Over 12 people of all different backgrounds, most of whom I did not know, helped load the moving truck (I had the thought that it was like they were trying to get rid of us). The blessing of the help brought a humbling sense of gratitude for the men who risked injury to get us on our way. We arrived at our new location on the fifth of September. On the afternoon of the sixth I found my self at a place where I could not physically lift another box or piece of furniture. When we get to the breaking point God is there just as He always has been.God’s blessing yet again. A man whom I have never met was sent by an old friend and together we moved in the heavy furniture. Then my friend and his family, children and parents and his parents helped with the last stretch of the unloading. God’s blessing once again. The next morning I thought I would be to sore to move, however  I awoke feeling fine and ready for more.

We had to make a second trip back to clean house (with volunteer help, thank you!) and pack up the remaining items. Say tearful goodbye to neighbors and be on the road for the fifteenth time in a month (we went to Santa Barbara to see family too).

Here we are many job applications later, in search of a church, wondering what God has planned, what He is up to. Worried about what my in-laws are saying, worried about income and insurance, worried about the baby yet to come and how to pay for the medical care we will need when that time does come.

I still have faith, faith that God has a perfect plan, faith to not lean on my own understanding. The added time I get to spend with  my wife and daughters. The hike on the mountain yesterday afternoon. The blessings out weigh the worry, and with that is my closing thought.

We can go on our own way, a way that we may think is safe and secure, or it may not be. We can follow him in faith and trust, we can do His will, and not only will His blessing be upon us in His time, it will spill over to those around us. God makes all things beautiful in his time. And in His way.

In the end we will get to read the last chapter and see what God has done. We will be awe and wonder at how great He is.


One thought on “Faith

  1. Chad and Dana, glad that you are there and moved in. Sounds like you are taking advantage of the time to enjoy the beauty there. Prayers are with you that you find the path for you and your family that gives God the glory.

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