He Loves Us

A few years back I was sitting in church, the pastor had just delivered “the pitch”. He was asking the congregation if they had prayed the prayer giving your life to Jesus Christ to raise your had. He wanted to pray for those whom had just given their lives to the Lord. I being my sinful selfish self sat grumbling, again. The pastor was on a every Sunday run of giving “the pitch”. Sure, I knew it was more than that, but every Sunday? Come on!

I decided I was going to sneak a peek and have a look to see if anybody really had their hand up. When I looked around there were indeed a few with their hands raised. I then looked up towards the stage and all the worship leaders were there, one had her eyes open too, looking out towards the new believers with their hands raised. She had sincerity in her face and tears coming from her eyes. I was immediately humbled as I became aware how these few lives had changed forever in just a moment. I was more understanding why the pastor offered to lead people in the prayer every weekend and the importance of the opportunity.

Today as I sat in church this morning we had people of all ages being baptized. Tears of a special kind of joy filled my eyes  as they came up out of the water. The public proclamation of not only placing their trust in Jesus Christ but choosing to follow Him and live in His ways for ever. Today the pastor spoke about how baptism was not something that you just do but that is by the leading of the Holy Spirit that we choose to be baptized. It is heart racing, adrenaline pumping, I am laying down my old ways and becoming a new creation in Jesus Christ. I am choosing to follow Jesus despite the cost or circumstance.

Albeit  some follow Him better than others and that is okay. God does not look at and rate our short comings and sins. None of us are perfect or will ever be perfect. He loves us anyway, forever, just-the-way-we-are. He never leaves us, He is always there, no-matter-what. He is our father, we can run away, He still loves us. We can do the unthinkable wrong, He still loves us. We can and do scoff at His word, He still patiently waits and loves us. He is always ready and openly forgives when we say we are sorry for what we have done. No matter how we shake, scream, cry, cheat, and do wrong against Him, He is still there. He knows who we are, every intimate detail. He will NEVER LEAVE!

Where ever I go He is with me.



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