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The Power of Prayer

Not too long ago, another blogger (Time Warp Wife) posted a picture on Facebook from Little House On The Prairie.

Little House

The moment I saw this picture, it struck a chord in me.  Seeing how happy Caroline Ingles (Karen Grassle) is as she kneels with her husband Charles Ingles (Michael Landon) moved me.

My thought was “I am going to start doing this with my wife, starting tonight,” and I did. Over the years, we prayed together in our bedroom, but it had been laying in bed, and it had been very inconsistent. When I asked her to pray with me on our knees by our bed, she was instantly excited.

Something changes when we are on our knees and not just laying in bed.  It is a position of respect before the Lord to kneel before Him as we make our petitions and offers of thanksgiving.  It is also a position of humility, putting our hearts in a right and sincere place. It also keeps the other from falling asleep mid-prayer.  It seems a lot more serious, more real, and more authentic.

We’re tired. My knees begin to quickly hurt.  Side by side and hip to hip, we come together before our God as husband and wife.  It strengthens a deep and intimate bond between us.  It places security deep in the heart of my wife knowing that her husband is man enough to get on his knees for his marriage and pray.  She sleeps more at peace, and, in turn, so do I.

We don’t do this every night.  We are not perfect.  We are just too tired at times or one of us beats the other to bed and simply passes out from fatigue.  Over Thanksgiving, we were not together.  I stayed home sick, and my wife and kids went to be with family in another town.  When we do pray together in this way, it is good.  It is very good.  I have even looked her way and seen her beam with joy and adoration as in the above picture.  A great joy fills her heart that her husband knows the importance of prayer.  Our home is filled with security for the night.

Men, I challenge you to pray with your wife and for your wife.  The more you do, the better it gets, and you’ll get more hugs too. 😉